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Features: Compare to any competitors' product!


Durable epoxy head- Iridescent, mother of pearl finish. Lasts, fish after fish (outlasts hootchies 10x.

bullet Realistic-        FisHair and Crystal flash bodies for the same iridescent sheen as our heads
bulletAll patterns Glow in the Dark- Glow material built into our bodies. We frequently catch Kings and Lake Trout down to 200 ft trolling, and Halibut down to 450 ft drift fishing.
bulletTied on tubing- (.080" dia. hole) Just thread them onto your leader and slide down over hooks. When your hooks get dull, just replace the hooks.

Note: lures sold without hooks to allow the user to custom rig to your preference.

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Grand Slam Bucktails

4403 SE 4TH ST.

Renton, WA. 98059

Ph. # 206-713-4612 If we miss you we will return your call. Ask for John

Note: We can't do credit cards over the phone yet . Please order with shopping cart or print & mail us your order form.

Send us an e-mail grandslambucktails @ gmail.com. We welcome comments, fish tales, testimonials, and dealer inquiries!!

We want you to catch lots of fish, 90% of our business is repeat. To get the most out of our lures go to Saltwater Salmon, Lakes-Great Lakes( rigging info.)

Free Grand Slams: Send us a picture of your fish caught on a Grand Slam Bucktail. Include specific details on how, where, and when. If your entry is selected to appear on our website you'll win 3 FREE Grand Slams of your choice! Entries become property of What's Next and will not be returned.



Don't fish with whole herring! You can save lots of money by fishing our Salmon lures with bait strips, and tying your own salmon leaders! Our bucktails will pay for themselves in 1 or 2 fishing trips! And catch you LOTS OF FISH. Here's how:


1. Cut head off 6-8" herring and fillet out backbone.

2. Cut up both fillets as shown above. We got 7 baits from each side, for a total of 14 baits from ONE 6" herring. Place approx 75 baits in empty plastic container, add 1/4 cup non-iodized salt. Place lid on container and shake to evenly coat baits. Store in fridge up to 1 week, freezer up to 1 month. Save your leftovers and add to them for your next trip!

3. To rig, hook bait once through wide end of strip on forward hook. Slide bucktail down over hooks and fish.

How to Tie Your Own Salmon Leaders

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